Almost Hootenanny Time!!!

14 Aug

Hoot_Sept 13-14

A Hootenanny is defined as “an informal performance by folk singers, typically with participation by the audience.”

Well, I believe that TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny certainly embodies that to the T in Dawg!  The musician is part of the audience as much as the audience is part of the musician.  Hootenannigans ensue, there is much joy and happiness in our world, and the music is out of this world!    All the musicians certainly bring their A++ game to the Hoot, and you can see that in the way they play off the energy truly unique to a Back Porch Hootenanny.  It’s a process that helps you move forward in your pursuit to feel just right about your place in this world.  The fact that we are fortunate to be able to go to the beautiful and serene setting that is Cherokee Farms for these Hootenannies blows my mind every time I think about it!

sunset 2

At the 15th Edition of TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny coming up Sept. 13-14, you can expect a mass cross pollination of musicians throughout the weekend on stage and at the camp fires and a PARADE to the Shed Stage led by Vagabond Swing  following their performance on the Grateful Fred Stage.  We will be celebrating (among other things!) the Hootenanny movement, the birthday of  the “Father of Bluegrass” Bill Monroe, the lives of so many incredible musicians who have touched our lives personally through music & friendship, and especially the recent passing of folk legend Cowboy Jack Clement (seen below in a picture with Emmylou Harris & Kris Kristofferson) and the great J J Cale.

cowboy jack clement     JJ CALE 1938-2013

One guarantee I can give you is that you WILL ALWAYS hear something that is fresh to your ears and healthy for the mind, body & soul.  HOOT HOOT!!!

Remember, you can help the cause of this folk movement known as TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny by purchasing your tickets in advance.  By doing so, you will receive a compilation CD from the 2nd Annual Atlanta’s Holiday Hootenanny featuring Papa Mali, Oteil Burbridge, Col. Bruce Hampton, Rev. Jeff Mosier, Larry Keel, Jimmy Hall, Ike Stubblefield, Grant Green Jr., and so much more!  You will also receive a discount coupon for a Hootenanny TShirt should you decide to purchase one!

ADVANCE TICKETS for FRI-SAT and SAT ONLY are available now at the links below.

FRI-SAT $50 ADV/$60 gate (includes camping)

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SAT ONLY $40 ADV/$50 gate (includes camping)

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