TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny Lineup Complete!

17 Jul

Vagabond Swing

We’ve rounded out the lineup with some amazingly diverse musicians!  All the way from Lafayette, LA to LaFayette, GA, please welcome to the Hootenanny family Vagabond Swing, and at-large artist Scott Warren from just down the road in Rome, GA.  Folks, you’re in for a real treat – the energy level from all the music is going to be off the charts and leave you speechless and breathless.  We’ve got music stretching from the Louisiana coast all the way to the mountains of VA at this one, something new and fresh for everyone involved!

As their bio reads, Vagabond Swing “creates the driving force behind their music with their uninhibited blending of styles and creativity. With their musical roots ranging from bluegrass to ska, the band produces a surprisingly smooth mixture of progressive Gypsy/Experimental/Circus-vibe/Swing tunes. Along with their melodic energy, the band members themselves bring on a show of vibrant, youthful spunk, which gives their performance a thrashing air of excitement.”

Vagabond Swing will be performing a showcase set under the tent at the cocktail hour, so look out!  We might have to have them lead a parade with drink in hand back to the main stage!


The final lineup is as follows:

Larry Keel & Natural Bridge

Strung Like A Horse

David Via & Curtis Burch

Dave Jordan & The Neighborhood Improvement Association

Lefty Williams Band

Bibb City Ramblers

Vagabond Swing

Gibson Wilbanks

Slim Pickins

Bobby Miller (At-large)

Ralph Roddenbery (At-large)

Richie Jones (At-large)

Scott Warren (At-large)



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