13 Jun

Last night at The Red Light Cafe reaffirmed for me – and you can always use some reaffirmation of your life’s pursuits – the true essence of why I’ve made this journey into the world of presenting live music.

While the crowd wasn’t a large one, I knew it was going to be a night of reunions, of old friends coming together with new ones I have made through social media outlets and realizing that there are connections between just about everyone in attendance.  Many I have known virtually for a while and never met face to face.  I was not disappointed.

I was having a great talk with an old buddy from the very beginnings of HarvestFest and TDawg events, Woody, and we were marveling at the quality gathering that was forming right in front of us for this special evening of music.  While talking about Caroline’s pending move to Hawaii, he brought up a name I hadn’t thought of in years, John Wynn, who used to own a fine dining and music establishment called the Bank St. Cafe in Griffin, GA, just about 45 minutes south of Atlanta.  Some crazy and fun times happened in that space, and the food was outstanding.  Anyway, John has since moved to Hawaii and is doing well there.  As we continued to talk about good times at the Bank St. Cafe, who walks up to the bar and says HI but John.  A very ZAMBI moment indeed, as Col. Bruce and Rev. Jeff Mosier were sitting at the bar with us as well, and they both performed many times at the Bank St. Cafe.  Caroline Pond and Snake Oil Medicine Show had some amazing moments there as well.

It was just that kind of a crowd.  The bonds and friendships that have been created through the spirit of HarvestFest overwhelm me.  While it would be a beautiful thing if one day I can make an honest living focusing 100% on producing great lineups and amazing events, I also realize that the music transcends the money to mean so much more to the development of positive relationships not only in my life but in my friends’ lives, too.  In addition, the musicians are not only artists that get paid for their skill, but they are true friends first who enjoys not only making the music but soaking it in as much as the next person.  For that, I feel like we are a very fortunate group of people.

The Holiday Hootenanny Family 2011


I hope that y’all can make it out on Friday night for the first TDawg Presents show at Steve’s Live Music in Sandy Springs, featuring Waller & The Lindsay Rakers Duo.  Showtime is 8pm, admission is $12.  Reserved tables available in this most intimate of venues by visiting the website.

One Response to “Insight”

  1. Wood June 13, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

    Twas truly a spatial night with great friends! Well said, T!


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