TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny tease!

14 Jan

Mark your calendars in for FRI-SAT APRIL 5-6 folks for what promises to be one of the best Hootenannies yet!  As if we can keep getting better with it all, but we sure do seem to 😉  I know we’re just hitting the middle of January, but it’s not too early to wish us out of winter and into that fabulous spring weather in the NW Georgia mountains!  Some great things in store, still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but let’s just say that this year will create a stir not felt in a long time.  There’s at least one flock of birds landing at Cherokee Farms, another yet to be determined.  We’ll have a preacher on hand, as well as a couple of ladies who happen be two of the great leaders of the Atlanta folk rock’n’blues scene and a guitar-slingin’n’singin’ leftie. Stay tuned for more information soon!


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