TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny ~ FRI/SAT 4/1-2 @ Cherokee Farms, LaFayette, GA

2016 Hoot

TDawg Presents is excited to bring you the 19th and FINAL edition of TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny on April 1-2 at beautiful Cherokee Farms in LaFayette, GA!  Expect a family reunion and celebration of what has been a great run of small festivals, a wrap party of sorts 😉

Advance tickets are on sale NOW for both FRI-SAT and SAT ONLY (both include camping) – SAT day passes can be purchased on site only, and there will be NO FRIDAY ONLY passes available.  As usual, NO DOGS ALLOWED, BYOB (& food if you’d like), and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!

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SAT ONLY – $45 Adv/$55 Gate 

FRI-SAT ONLY – $50 Adv/$65 Gate
While this news is a little bittersweet for some, and while these special camping Hoots have been a joy and pleasure to produce for the last 10 years, and I’m excited about what the future holds with my work for the Frank Hamilton Folk School and perhaps an IMG_2559eclectic folk music festival popping up down the road.  Meanwhile, we have ONE MORE HOOTENANNY to enjoy!  So please spread the word, bring your family, bring yourselves, your friends, and set up camp for the weekend, or just Saturday night, or come for the day on Saturday!

The lineup will be announced later this week, and we’ll be off and running to the races!  We are going to have one helluva time, and I hope that YOU can be in attendance for one more Back Porch Hootenanny!  Expect mainly old friends who are celebrating with us, and the jams by the bonfires, on the stages, and at the campsites will be in full-swing.

HooooooooootenannyThe 2016 lineup is complete!

Strung Like A Horse

Caroline Aiken

Ralph Roddenbery Band

Smokey’s Farmland Band

Blackberry Possum bonfire

Donna Hopkins

Brian Ashley Jones

The Rickety Crickets (feat. members of Copious Jones)

The Ain’t Sisters

Rev. Jeff Mosier (artist at-large)

Bobby Miller (artist at-large)

Richie Jones (artist at-large)

Bill Fleming (artist at-large)




8:30PM – 11:30PM > Blackberry Possum


Noon – 1:20PM > Smokey’s Farmland Band

2:10PM – 3:40PM > The Rickety Crickets

4:35PM – 6:05PM > Ralph Roddenbery Band

7:00PM – 8:30PM > Caroline Aiken

9:25PM – 10:55PM > Rev. Jeff Mosier & Friends

11:25PM – 1:00AM > Strung Like A Horse


1:25PM – 2:10PM > MOMS Jam

3:45PM – 4:30PM > The Ain’t Sisters

6:10PM – 6:55PM > Brian Ashley Jones

8:35PM – 9:20PM > Donna Hopkins & Friends



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